Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Smells so Good!

I have declared Wild Honeysuckle by Bath and Body Works my new favorite fragrance. I had purchased the soap awhile back and really liked the smell. So yesterday I went out to buy the air freshener in the same scent. While I was at the store I sprayed myself with the Wild Honeysuckle perfume and went about my business. Totally forgetting that I sprayed anything on me, I left the mall. As I was walking I could smell the perfume and kept thinking "Man someone smells really good." I got in the car and could still smell it and then it hit me...IT'S ME THAT SMELLS SO GOOD! This stuff really is the best and I therefore have placed it at the top of my Top 5 fragrances.

1. Wild Honeysuckle by Bath and Body Works. Discovered it after I sprayed myself in the store with the purfume.

2. Happy by Clinique. Discovered it after picking up one of my sisters friends who had it on. Has been my go to perfume ever since.

3. Love Potion by Victoria Secret. Discovered it because my sisters boyfriend bought her the lotion and I fell in love (I guess it really works!) with it.

4. Cucumber Mellon by Bath and Body Works. I can't remember how I found this fragrance. Probably just found it in the store and liked it.

5. Romance by Ralph Lauren. Discovered it after walking through Macy's and being sprayed by the Perfume girl. I think I liked it because it reminds me of a very good friend.


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