Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Goals Revisited

So I didn't do so well this month. Only got two of the seven goals accomplished (two of the easier goals). Oh well!!! I will have to make sure to do better next month.
  • Finish painting one set of french doors - I currently only have one set of doors almost complete and the other set still just primed. I think if I go out and find the new door handles it will get me motivated again to finish.

  • Fix light in bathroom

  • Install molding in bathroom - I bought the molding I just have to get the saw out and cut it. If I do anything this weekend, I am doing this!!

  • Complete spring cleaning on all upstairs rooms - What was I thinking with this one. I haven't even started it. You know what's going on May's goal list.

  • Prime window in master bedroom - Again something that I just have to get my butt into action and do.

  • Start a good book

  • Finish clearing out gardens - I didn't cross this off yet, but I really should have. I cleared out most of the gardens but the stupid weeds keep coming back...grrrr.
I hope you all got more done this month then I did. May is going to be one busy month :)


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