Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Headboard Ideas

Growing up my bedroom was the typical kid's/teenager's room. Posters of my latest crush, stuffed animals as far as the eye can see, candy wrappers stuffed under the bed so my parents wouldn't catch me (oh wait, that was my sister...sorry K I had to do it). When I moved onto college, my bedroom was not only my bedroom but my whole apartment. I had to keep my whole life in my room. So I've never really had a bedroom that was a truly stunning, gorgeous bedroom like the ones you see in magazines. Even when we moved into our new house I arranged and kept things in my room like I was still in a dorm room.

That's is until I said enough is enough!!!! I need to grow up and create my stunning, magazine worthy bedroom. Now I know that I wont have my dream bedroom overnight or even in this house (it's a tiny room, no master bath or walk-in-closet) but I have to start somewhere.

My first task a headboard! After doing a little research I have decided to do a white headboard. And of course I am going to attempt to create it myself. Seems easy enough, right? I will make sure to share my progress with you.

Source: Apartment Therapy


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