Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring

I am so happy that spring is finally here!!!! I better hurry up and finish the dining room before I am not going to want to stay inside anymore. When we first moved in the dining room was nothing to speak of. Ugly felt wallpaper on the top and a blinding blue on the lower half of the walls. The carpet smelled of animals and had stains all over it. I did tried to clean the rug with a rug cleaner that we rented from Big Lots. However, I apparently can't read directions and emptied a whole bucket of solution in one corner of the room which resulted in a moldy rug. So the next day...the rug was gone.The furniture in these pictures are the owners before us. I took these pictures when we were doing the house inspection.
Here is the room after the rug was gone. Looks better already. We are going to eventually place hardwood down in this room.

So first thing I got started on was tearing down the ugly wallpaper. NOT FUN!!!! Took me awhile but I got it done. I then primed and painted the walls. A nice grey on the top and white on the bottom. I am going to do a faux wainscoting on the lower half. I also painted the bookshelves a nice crisp white. Much better than what was there.

I started to paint the back of the bookshelves silver but after seeing it up there, decided against it. One of my tasks this weekend is to paint over the silver and paint another coat of white on both the shelves and french doors.

Here are the doors getting ready for some paint.

Here they are in their current state along with the pear tree branches I cut down and spray painted silver. I need to get something to place them in. Hopefully, I can get a bunch done this weekend.


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